1.    What is Bundlefy?

Bundlefy is an organization with a single goal: to expose more people to more quality journalism. Bundling is a big part of this. That’s why our users will be able to easily access quality news from a variety of digital sources at amazing rates. The other part is our GAB2 program, through which we provide bundles to tight-budgeted quality journalism believers. All of the above benefits the People who can easily enjoy a variety of worldviews from different, respected publications. It benefits struggling publishers who gain exposure to wider audiences. And most importantly, it benefits democracy itself which is bolstered by a better informed society.


2.    How does Bundlefy work*?

No need to download another app. No need to limit yourself to one credible news source. Use a single login to access all the publications in your bundle through any browser. Just create your bundle and read on. No paywalls, no hassle. One account, multiple publications, zero commitment.

* That’s one heck of an asterisk because it is important to note that Bundlefy hasn't officially launched yet. At this time we are offering the opportunity to lock-in our amazing introductory rates. Once we launch, Bundlefy will work as described above. Stay tuned.


3.    On which devices does Bundlefy work?

Bundlefy is device agnostic. iPhones, Androids, tablets, laptops, desktops, whatevertops. As long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you’re good to go.


4.    On which platforms does Bundlefy work?

Bundlefy is platform agnostic too. This way, you can enjoy your news wherever you happen to encounter it: whether directly on publishers’ sites, or through Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Just click the article link and you'll be redirected to the relevant news site where you can enjoy your read (as long as that article was published by one of your bundle publications).


5.    Looking for a news publication you can’t find?

Please let us know at: addpub@bundlefy.org. We’ll take it from there.


6.    Can I cancel my pre-subscription anytime?

Yup. You can do it online 24/7. Shoot us an email and we’ll take care of it: myplan@bundlefy.org.


7.    What about subscriptions once Bundlefy is fully launched, will I be able to cancel those?

Absolutely. It’s the same deal, just email us and we’ll take care of it pronto: myplan@bundlefy.org.


8.    Can I switch plans (Essential, Optimal, Business)?

Sure you can. Just let us know at: myplan@bundlefy.org and we’ll make it happen.


9.    Can I change the publications in my bundle?

Yes. You can do this too. Please email us at: mybundle@bundlefy.org and we’ll take care of it.


10. What if I’m already subscribed to one of the publications Bundlefy offers?

Glad to hear you’re an active quality news consumer, but at this point Bundlefy is for new subscribers only (people who weren’t subscribed to their publication of choice in the past 6 months).


11. What about news apps?

Currently Bundlefy offers only basic access to news sites. That might change in the future as we’re still in beta and still talking to publishers.

12. Why news sites with no paywalls are listed too?

The paywall-less listed news sites rely heavily on subscription/members fee for their existence. Since they are quality sources too, they play an essential role in a healthy journalistic ecosystem. That’s why we’re here to support them as well.

13. Why do we refer to Bundlefy users as members?

If you use Bundlefy, you support an organization working hard to disseminate quality journalism. We can’t do that alone. Our power is in our numbers. When you get your bundle you become a critical part of this by simply consuming a wide variety of respected publications, and more importantly, by supporting others who wish to access quality journalism but are limited by tight budgets. All of the above means you help more people become better informed members of society. We think the word “User” is too modest to describe that kind of contribution to democracy. “Member” seems more fitting. If you feel the same, go ahead and join us.


14. What is this “beta” all about?

Collaborating with publishers is quite a process. Since the times are calling (no pun intended) and we wanted to get Bundlefy out ASAP, we decided to reach out to potential members in the meantime. That way, instead of working linearly, we’re working simultaneously on these two fronts. That’s why we’re not yet asking you for payment details, but we do guarantee you great intro offers.


15. What does “semi-stealth” mode means?

It means we’re not fully stealth anymore but we’re not yet ready to go fully public. If you made it here it's most likely because you either know someone on our team, or that you know someone who knows someone. Anyway, glad you’re here so feel free to spread the (semi-secret) word.


For any other questions please email us at: support@bundlefy.org.